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          Environmental protection is a globalization issue nowadays. In this area, Man Yue established an environmental management system that conforms to global standards and obtained ISO14001 accreditation in 2004.

          Under the environmental management system, the quality control department (the “QC department”) controls the products quality and the use of certain chemical substances.

          In addition, the implementation of the European Union’s (EU) Directives on Restriction of the use of the certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“RoHS”), came into effect by 13 August 2005 in EU members states and has impacted the electronic industry. In 1996, Man Yue installed new equipments and established a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure Man Yue’s products completely satisfies RoHS requirements for the European Community and equivalent requirements for the rest of the world. Man Yue had also made it mandatory for all vendors and business partners to comply with its RoHS requirements.

          Man Yue Group Environmental Conservation Activity Plan

          Activity Targets
          Establishment of environmental management system Obtained ISO14001 accreditation
          RoHS Seminar for customers Purpose for building up a sustainable partnership based on mutual confidence 
          RoHS Seminar for suppliers Man Yue Group and its suppliers are partners in making a good product together. For this purpose, Man Yue held the RoHS Seminar to deepen mutual understanding and make effort on delivering the highest quality with each other.

          Man Yue is the first Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors manufacturer in China setting up the ICP/RoHS laboratory to ensure all incoming materials are compliant with RoHS.

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